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Military Flag Decorating Tips for Home Offices

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Home offices are ideal places to do bills, paperwork, and business at home. An office area provides a great space to decorate with personal interests and hobbies.

If you were a member of the military, had family in the military, or just have an interest in the history of the military, then military flags are an ideal decoration for a home office.

Besides setting up flags using a standard method, there are decorating tips to help make use out of the space and show your pride for the military with a number of different flags.

Follow these ideas, or use the ideas to help come up with some new decorating designs of your own.

Office Pen Cups

Pen cups serve as an ideal organizational tool for home offices, but these cups can also be used for showcasing a variety of decorations. When it comes to military flags, miniature flags are ideal for displaying in the cup. There are multiple ways you can choose to decorate using smaller flags in a pen cup.

If you have a lot of pens, you can adorn the pen cup with a single flag sitting in the center. It helps the flag stand out and look nice on the desk.

If you purchase a variety of mini military flags, then a pen cup can be filled and dedicated to the flag designs. A diverse selection of flags may include flags of countries, flags representing branches of the military, or flags showcasing different units.

A pen cup may also be used to hold collectible military pens. The pen designs can showcase graphics of military flags or country flags. Commemorative flags have been released through the years with various dedications to soldiers, wars, and branches of the military.

Glass Display tables

A home office is an ideal place to have a glass display table. Office work, taxes, and all types of documents are put on these tables when used in the office. It offers an alternative table location besides a typical computer desk.

Glass display tables have a bottom layer that the top layer of glass lays on to act as a protectant. The clear display is an ideal location to place collectible military flags. The flags can either be folded and displayed in the traditional triangle shape or lain flat down.

When a flag is lain down flat, it can help smooth out wrinkles and creases to make the visuals appear smoother. Typically one larger flag will be the centerpiece of the table design, but you may have multiple smaller flags which can be placed underneath the table.

Home Office Cork Boards

A cork board is commonly used in a home office to hang reminders, flyers, and other information that is easy and quick to read. The empty space available on a cork board is an ideal display for all types of military flag memorabilia.

One of the more common pieces of military memorabilia that can be added to a cork board are military pins. Through the years, pins are often released to soldiers and other members of the military, including family members.

Along with pins, you may find old war ribbons while shopping at a military store. All type of ranks and branches of the military are available when it comes to various ribbons. The ribbons may also include flag colors of the country they came from. Searching for a specific war can help you come up with a variety of options.

For whatever reason, these pins are sold or given away and are available for sale. The pins may include military awards, ranks, and anniversaries. The pins may also feature other country military rankings from all around the globe.

When decorating on a cork board, it's easy to remove the pin backing and attach it directly to the cork. A pin may also be used as a replacement to a thumbtack and be used to hold up papers, documents, or business cards as needed.

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