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Tips for Selling Your Military Coin Collection

A Military Coin

Many people enjoy collecting military coins. You scour auctions, online sites, pawn shops, and estate sales to acquire an impressive collection you can take pride in.

Part of the reason you collect military coins may be for the investment; you know when the time comes to sell some of your special coins, you can make a decent profit. If you're ready to sell some of your coins, you want to make a profit you can also be proud of.

Here are tips for getting the best profit when you sell your military coin collection.

Present Your Coins Well

The coins lose their luster and the surfaces become worn when coins are handled by many fingers. The oils and debris on even your clean fingers can damage collectible coins and cause them to lose their value. Each coin should be individually sleeved or placed in a glass case to keep the item safe.

And in order to sell your coins for a higher profit, you must present each coin well by showcasing individual pieces with protective coating.

Have Each Coin Assessed

To know how much you can ask for your military coin collection, you need to know what each individual coin is worth. Take your collection to a professional military coin collector and appraising specialist.

Your coins will be assessed based on their quality, rarity, and even upon whether they come in a complete set or not. Ask your coin appraiser to give you individual and bulk assessments of your collection.

Know Coin Trends

Certain coins are more popular than others at any given time, and just like other precious metals, coin prices fluctuate based on supply and demand. Consumer interest also plays a heavy role in how much a military coin is worth currently.

Rather than jump into selling your military coin collection right away, sell your coins when you know they are in higher demand to make greater profit. Use online resources, follow auctions, and ask your coin appraiser for information regarding current coin collecting trends so you can sell your coins when they are at their most popular (and therefore most expensive).

Sell to the Right Person

You will not get the highest price for your military coins if you sell your coin collection at an auction or to a pawn shop. At an auction, you have little control over the final selling price of your coins (they go to the highest bidder once your reserve is met) and at a pawn shop, the broker involved will want to pay as little as possible so they can make a greater profit on your items.

Instead, sell your coins directly to consumers seeking collectible coins, thus eliminating the middleman, or to an experienced appraiser who specializes in collecting military items.

Consider Coin Trading

You don't have to sell your coins to make a profit off your collection - in some cases, trading your coins for other military coins you don't currently have can make your collection more valuable for future selling.

Consider trading coins you have multiples of, or trade coins with other collectors that you don't personally value (check the value of these coins and the ones you wish to trade for first). You can sell your newly collected coins later for profit if you trade smartly with other collectors.

Military coins may not be the most popular type of coin for a person to collect, making your own personal collection very valuable if you know how to sell your coins right. Call an experienced military coin appraiser to find out what your collection is worth. Our specialists Pierre's Collectibles are happy to assess your coin collection and help you sell the items you have.‚Äč


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