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Where to Find Military Collectible Items

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If you want to get into collecting military memorabilia and items, you can collect a variety of items, be it clothing, medals, weaponry, photographs, and coins. Military items are rich in history and worthwhile to collect, and some items in pristine or museum-quality can be worth a lot of money.
So where can you find the military collectible items you desire, and what items should you look for in particular? Use this guide to help you begin or grow your military collection.

Estate Sales

Estate sales are ideal places to find collectible and high-quality items in general and can be a hidden goldmine for military items. Before stopping at any estate sale, call the manager of the sale to see what types of items are available. While you may not get a fully detailed list of what is going to be for sale, you will gather a general idea of what type of military items you can expect to find for sale (such as buttons, coins, or photos) to add to your collection.


Live or online auctions are good places to find military memorabilia. Auction houses also often provide lists of the items they have for sale, so you can stick to auction houses or online auctions that feature military-related items. But you must make sure you have the funds to compete with other eager buyers before you attend an auction.
If you've never been to an auction before, you should go to an auction to simply view how the process works before going to buy something. This way, you are not intimidated when you place your first bid on military items you desire.

Military Collection Stores

Perhaps the best place to seek military collectible items is military collection stores. Dealers of military memorabilia collect items from different war eras and collect detailed histories of the pieces they purchase from sellers and other dealers across the nation.
If you are brand-new to military item collecting or you are unsure of what to look for when you fill your collection, start with a military collection dealer. A dealer will guide you in the right direction to help you obtain the clothing and other military memorabilia you want.
Another benefit to working with a military collection dealer is this: if you cannot find a particular coin, helmet, or other specific and highly sought item, your dealer can use their personal network to locate the items you need for you. The dealer may charge a fee for locating items for you, but it is well worth the cost to complete or differentiate your collection.

Items to Look for

Items to watch for include coins (collecting a whole era of coins from a single branch creates a complete collection), rifles, helmets, jackets, badges, medals, and other items. Even war machine memorabilia, such as a propeller to a fighting plane or a bullet casing, can be worth collecting if there is a proven history behind the artifact you find.
You don't have to stick to US military memorabilia, either: Japanese and German military items are equally desirable and alluring. Nazi Germany items can also be particularly sought after, especially items brought to the US by soldiers as souvenirs.
If you are diligent and know where to look, you can gather a decent military memorabilia collection you can be proud of. Don't be afraid to speak to a military collection expert or dealer who can help you begin your collection or make your collection more era-specific (WWI or WWII, for example).
Collecting military memorabilia keeps war history alive. When you choose Pierre's Collectibles to begin your military collection, you choose experts you can trust. Come see our inventory or ask how we can assist you in your collection today.


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