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Hunting daggers and Forestry knives

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1 - Outstanding heavy hunting dagger

Double engraved blade 13 inches by Henckels with matching skinning knife and double stag grips. Gold fittings with stag grip and 3 acorn with oak leqves detalis. Cross guard with deer antlers. Leather scabbard in perfect condition. This is the nicest I ever had of its kind...

2 - Double engraved blade hunting dagger

Hunting dagger with 15 inches double engraved blade and letter Z as maker marker. Heavy bronze gilded fittings. Thick stag grip with 3 acron and oak leaves. Perfect leqther scabbard. This knife is for a king !!! Exceptional quality and condition...

3 - Hunting dagger by Eickhorn

Double engraved blade of 15 inches.Heavy bronze gilded fittings "gesch gesch" marked. Catalogue item 429 from Eickhorn. Black leather scabbard. Thick stag grip with 3 acorn with oak leaves.Exceptional, nice detail and condition.

4 - Hunting dagger by WKC

WKC marked on the double engraved blade, 15 inches brqss fittings. Stag grip with 3 acorn. Skinning knife double engraved also with stag grip. Black leather scabbard and frog. Gold and green knot.

5 - Forestry senior dagger

Double engraved blade of 13 inches by Carl Eickhorn. Ivory grips with 3 acorn. Leather scabbard in good condition. Rare...

6 - National forestry dagger

Early WKC hubting dagger with stag grips. Double engraved blade, 13 inches. Heavy brass guilded fittings with 3 acorns on the grip with oak leaves. Outstanding.

7 - National forestry dagger

Dagger by WKC with stag grips. Early WKC double engraved blade 13 inches long. Heavy bronze fittings with 3 acorns and oak leaves on the grip. Leather hanger and knot...

8 - National forestry hunting dagger

Also maker marked by a large "Z". Comes with knot. Double engraved blade, 14 inches. Clam shell guard shaped. Brass fittings. 3 acorns on the stag grip. Shows some avingage...

9 - Hunting dagger

Dagger double engraved blade with maker marking large "Z". Brass fittings, stag grips. Clam shell guard. Grip with 3 acorns. Comes with knot, black leather scabbard in perfect condition. Very nice overall...

10 - Early hunting dagger

Hunting dagger WKC style with clam shell guard.with knot. Long blade 19 inches. Clam shell guard shaped. Black leather scabbard, nice stag grip, one acorn, green knot...

11 - Early hunting dagger

Early hunting dagger. Double engraved blade, 16 inches, by Mohr Speyer Haflieferanten in Berlin. Superb engraving on this very thick blade. Stag grip with acron, clam shell guard.  Brass fittings with nice leather scabbard. Skinning knife is missing but possible to find...

Army Daggers

Luftwaffe Daggers

1 - Dagger 1937 with orange grip. Blade WKC. Shows little age, grip not damage. $400 
2 - Early Luftwaffe, first pattern with chains. Blady by Carl Julius Krebbs. Blade is in superb condition as well as the leather. $825
3 - Lufwaffe office dagger second pattern, with orange grip. Blade by Herderas. Nice finish. $425
5 - Luftwaffe officer dagger second pattern, with hangers and white grip. $650
7 - Dagger 1937 gray color with hangers. Nice color of fittings and scabbard. No maker on the blade. White grip w/wire grip wrap. The hangers are of good quality “de luxe” and perfect.  $625.
8 - Early DLV officer dagger with chains by David Malsch. Very nice condition, with nic blue leather fittings. $1100

S.A. and N.S.K.K. Daggers

1 - S.A. dagger by, Julius Ohliger, in the town of Solingen. Comes with leather hanger, very nice condition. $750
2 - S.A. dagger with anodized scabbard and leather hanger by J.A. Henckels in Solingen. Very nice brown handle. B.O. on the reverse of the cross guard. $610
3 – Dagger by Anton Wingen Jr in Solingen, RZM M7/51 and dated1939. Comes with hanger. Shows some age storage. $600
4 - Early S.A dagger by Carl Eickhorn with ground ROHM. Front of the blade shows almost no wear to it. The ROHM dedication can still be seen at some places. Dagger marked WM on the reverse of the cross guard. Nice anodized scabbard. $850
5 - SA dagger by Adolf Volker. Early anodized scabbard. Show lite age. $600 
6 - SA dagger early by Gebr. Krusius in Solingen. Comes with hangers. Anodized scabbard. $625
7 - Early S.A. dagger by Chromolit with anodized scabbard and leather hanger. Dagger in great condition, blade is superb. S stamped on the cross guard. $750
8 - SA dagger early war, with anodized scabbard. Maker is EPS in Solingen. Comes with leather hanger. Very nice condition. $650
9 - Extremely rare S.A. dagger, late war, with no maker on the blade. Dagger in mint condition, with painted scabbard. Superb nickel finish. $550
10 - Early production for this dagger. Clear wooden grip. Blade with the maker Asso in Solingen (with two horses). Cross guard marked Ns (S.A. Gruppe Niedersachsen). Nickel fitting ans anodized scabbard. $725
11 - Early S.A dagger by Carl Wusthof with anodized scabbard. Comes with leather hanger. HE marked on the cross guard. Nice overall dagger. $550
12 - NSKK daggar with black leather hanger. Rare maker Hugo Linder Deltawerk. N.S. marked on the cross guard. Name and unit marking in the back of the grip. Nice paint on the scabbard. $700
13 - Rare chained NSKK dagger. Chains are well marked. Blade is RZM M7/66 and 1940 dated. Dagger in average condition. $2950
14 - Dagger dated 1941 of good quality. All fitting nickel plated. Good blade marked RZM M7 68 1941 (Lauterjung & Co $ Tiger-Stahlwarenu Waffenfabrik, Solingen). Nickel eagle on the grip. Probably one of the last nice productions before 1942, stopping date of manufacture of S.A. daggers. Never cleaned. $600
15 - NSKK dagger RZM M7/83. Very nice blade, the scabbard shows some age. $475
16 Early S.A. dagger by Curdts Nachf in Solingen. Anodized scabbard, comes with leather hanger. $525
17 - S.A dagger RZM M7/13. Nice brown handle. This dagger is in overall good condition. $425
18 - S.A dagger RZM M7/91. Blade near mint condition. Wood grip not damaged. Superb paint on the scabbard. $605
19 - Early RARE S.A dagger by Julius Bodenstein. Comes with leather hanger. F.R. marked on the cross guard. Grip has no damage. $750 

S.S.  Daggers​​

SS1 - SS dagger with M33 pattern. RZM 188/35. Black painted scabbard in nice condition. Cross guard marked with a number 1 for Nordost Gruppen. Grip is great condition. $1950
SS4 - SS dagger, 1933 pattern. RZM M7/80 for Gustav Spitzer in Solingen. Comes with leather hanger and belt loop. Well marked. $2050
SS6 - SS officer chained dagger. Nice anodized scabbard. Chains well marked. Never broken or repaired. No maker on the blade like it should be. Comes with black hanger, SS marked. $4995

Other Rare Daggers​

1 - Red Cross Hewer with leather frog and saw blade. Grip in good condition and not broken. $700
2 - Kriegsmarine officer dagger by Carl Eickhorn. Double engraved blade. This dagger is in great condition. $885
3 - RAD Leader dagger in very nice condition by Carl Eickhorn. Nice silver finish, scabbard has no damage to it. $2150
4 - Mint Kriegsmarine office dagger. Late war with plain blade and white grip. Scabbard retaining full factory finish. $1150
5 - Kriegsmarine officer dagger with rare plain blade. Nice white grip. Scabbard does not have damage. Very nice finish. $750
6 - RAD leader dagger by W.K.C. Very mint blade. Fittings in gray aluminum and with a white grip. Nice overall condition. $1900


Knife4 - Fighting knife in near mint condition. Black scabbard with three pronged clip. Blade is marked. Wood grip with three rivets. $285
Knife5 - Hitler Youth Knife with personalized grip. Initial on top of the pommel. 1941 dated. Nice overall. $275
K-98 Bayonets
K13 - K98 short dress bayonet, no maker. Average condition. $85
K18 - Dress bayonet K98 by Alcoso with engraved blade. Nice overall condition. $500
K20 - K98 dress bayonet, with long blade by W.K.C. Average condition, nice blade $88
K22 - K98 fireman long blade dress bayonet, with leather frog. Average condition. $127

K27 - Very RARE K98 fireman dress bayonet with SAW BLADE. By F.W. Holler. Black frog. 7 1/2 inch long blade. Comes with knot. Everything is near mint condition. $425
K30 - K98 combat bayonet with black leather frog. Maker marked and 1938 dated. Blade is marked E.F. Horster. Not matching number. Very nice overall, blade in mint condition. $130
K32 - Engraved dress K98 bayonet with black frog. Green and silver knot. Blade by Emil Voos. 10 inch long blade. Large eagle spreading wings on the blade. Price $685
K34 - Engraved dress K98 bayonet with brown leather frog. 7 1/2 inch long blade by Carl Eickhorn. $565
K35 - Engraved dress K98 bayonet black leather frog and knot. 10 inch long blade by Carl Eickhorn. Very nice overall. $765
K36 - Engraved dress K98 bayonet with black leather frog. Blade by W.K.C. 7 1/2 inch long blade. Very nice overall. $675

Compliment Your S.A. Daggers With Hangers

2 - Mid war S.A, hanger. Clip in alloy marked DRGM. With belt loop. $70
3 - Late S.A. hanger. Clip marked R.Z.M. m5/8. $65
6 - Welfare leader dagger hanger. Nice condition.  $550
7 - Luftwaffe leather sword hanger. 1940 dated. Near mint condition. $150
8 - Officer sword hanger with shoulder strap. Marked. $125
10 - SS Sword hanger, black leather. $200


A-230 Army officer sword by F.W. Holler. Very nice condition, with all brass fittings. $395
A-231 Army officer sword by Julius Krebs. Nice paint on the scabbard. Late war, all brass fittings. $395
A-232 Army officer sword by Alcoso with all brass fittings. Nice paint on the scabbard. $390
A-233 Army officer sword with knot and leather hanger. Made by F.W. Holler. Anodized black scabbard with all brass fittings. This sword would have been for a high ranking officer. $510
A-234 Army officer sword by E.F.Horster. Comes with protection travel bag. Shows average wear. $385
A-242 Army officer sword late war by Alcoso. Shows lite age. Blade in nice condition. $325
A-243 Army officer sword by FW Holler. Shows some age. Initial of the owner on the cross guard and date. $300
A-246 Lions head Army officer sword with red ruby eyes, by E. Packs. Shows very lite wear, with nice finish. $425
A-247 Lions head Army officer sword with red ruby eyes, by Carl Eickhorn. Nice overall. $500