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Misc. Relics and Belt Buckles Available at Pierre’s Collectibles in Chester County, Pennsylvania

See Our Assortment of Miscellaneous Relics and Belt Buckles

Outlined below is our inventory of Military Memorabilia with individual items' descriptions and prices. To see a photo of the Military Memorabilia item, go to the Military Memorabilia Photo Gallery page.

War merit cross first class with swords, cased, with issued cardboard box, mint, marked. 
For $325

Army mountain teacher grouping
  • This badge was expensive to manufacture and not many of them were produced.
  • Mountain troops schools were included in the Army.
  • This set includes cloth badge, ID card, miniature stick pin and large enameled badge.
All for $2500

First aid metal box for fighting vehicle. Filled to the top with medical supplies and tools. Something interesting is that it is half filled with German and American Supplies, as it often happened during the war. 
Price $425
Wall decoration taken from an office of a Major.
  • Painting shows some age but not pierced.
  • Kuckuck clock, wood painted, mountain decoration, complete and still working
  • Flag
  • Carved wooden view of a house in the mountains, thick wood
  • Walking stick
  • Officer sword with knot, initial of the owner on the cross guard
  • One of a kind grouping
All for $1250

Luftwaffe grouping of a General Officer
  • Silver cup with eagles
  • 2 Sports shirt insignia, 2 belt buckles, 3 eagles for uniform
  • Rare shoulder boards for general
  • Ink box for desk in war time backelite
All for $895 

Group of 3 shooting award badges all in very nice condition, one has paper bag.
All for $285
A. KA-BAR commemorative Vietnam War knife in mint condition still in the original box made by Olean NY. Price $94
B. US-M7 Bayonet in mint condition BOC marked. Price $79
D. KA-BAR knife by Olean NY. Bright blade near mint condition. Price $145
E. KA-BAR knife by Olean NY. 6 inch blade parkerized in near mint condition. Price $160
F. Cattaraugus commando knife. Marked on the blade 225Q. Price $149
H. Survival knife for Jet Pilot. 1981 dated. Camilius NY. Mint condition still with plastic paper and tag. Price $89
I. USMC KA-BAR knife by Olean NY. Very nice condition, parkerized blade. Price $156

A. War merit medal with envelope. Price $33
B. War merit cross with envelope. NO SWORDS Price $35
C. War merit cross with swords and envelope. Price $39
D. Group of 10 war merit cross in envelope packed together from the factory, maker marked. Price $350​

A. Envelope for the ribbons of the Iron Cross second class. Price $79
B. Iron Cross second class with issue envelope in mint condition. Price $145
C. Iron Cross first class cased. Very nice condition. Price $395

Luftwaffe Belt Buckle(s):

Z-40 Luftwaffe mint condition aluminum belt buckle in factory wrapping paper $86
Z-42 Luftwaffe steel combat buckle green painted used by paratrooper shows light edge $142
Z-43 Luftwaffe heavy aluminum combat buckle near mint ctd maker marked $96
Z-44 Luftwaffe steel 2 piece construction combat belt buckle aluminum sliver finish mint condition $115
Z-45 Luftwaffe dark blue paint steel combat belt buckle in mint condition $91
Z-46 Luftwaffe dark blue steel combat belt buckle 75% paint remaining $76
Z-47 Luftwaffe aluminum combat belt buckle brown leather tab well marked great condition $127
Z-48 Luftwaffe officer dress belt  buckle drgm marked gold eagle $141

More Miscellaneous Items:

Army grouping Heavy quality cased general assault badge with miniature stick pin, war merit cross first class with sword, commemorative medal 1st October 1936, early Army flack badge, Krim shield, sharp shooter lanyard, early breast eagle 6 specialty sleeve badge with some very rare.
All for $685​

Lufwaffe pilot goggles in original box marked and dated 1942.
Price $285​

Leather suit case. German made with Army dress tunic, rare under shirt, and bayonet with frog. Brought back by veteran. 
Price $875
Veteran and Assistant Major and advisor of the town of Paris Legion of honor 1870, Croix de guerre 1918, Badge gold of assistant major, silver badge of advisor, circa 1925.
Price $84​

Souvenir of a member of the French Congress, circa 1930.
  • Large plate for a member’s car
  • Golden Badge of assistant major
  • Silver badge of general advisor
  • Officer of the Legion of Honor
  • Croix de Guerre 1915 (first pattern)
All for $115
Silver cups
  • Six silver cup with  enamel shield, German states. Well marked with case. $120,00

Faithful Service Decoration:

  • 50 years. Price $475
  • 40 years. Price $145
  • 25 years. Price $79
All medals have cases.
“WKC-Waffenfabrik”. War time catalogue, superb condition, color pictures inside sword, daggers, gold mine of information for serious dagger collector.
Price $85
P-16 - Open


  • German crossing gold. 20 marked under pin. No damage to the enamel. This cross is pristine. Never been cleaned. Price $2750
  • Cased iron cross, first class. Shows light wear only. Price $400
  • Mint war merit cross first class with swords, marked 1 on the pin. Comes with case and cardboard protection box. Stone mint. Price $325
  • Luft air gunner badge cased by G.H. Osang. Price $1200
  • Luft wireless air operator badge, cased. Price $1200
  • Police 25 year long service gold cross, cased. Price $275
  • Special badge for single handed destruction of a tank. Silver class Price $249 Gold class Price $575
  • NSDAP cased bronze cross. Price $395

Police and Political Belt Buckle(s): (1st section)

Z-108 SA belt buckle brass one piece construction with mobile swastika ”rounded edges”. $130
Z-109 SA belt buckle brass body with silver center. Superb condition and near mint. $110
Z-110 SA belt buckle all brass. 2 piece construction early thin eagle and never cleaned. $135
Z-111 SA belt buckle brass body and silver center. Never cleaned, superb condition. $105
Z-112 NSKK belt buckle brass, one piece construction with great silver finish. $165
Z-113 Small size SA brass belt buckle, 2 piece construction maker marked. Original finish. $112
Z-114 Small size SA belt buckle, brass body with silver center. $95
Z-137 R.A.D. officer belt buckle aluminum. Maker marked and DRGM. $165
Z-138 R.A.D. aluminum belt buckle maker marked. Great condition. $112
Z-140 R.A.D .belt buckle with brown leather tab. Maker marked and dated. Buckle also maker marked. $135
Z-146 SA home guard belt buckle aluminum RZM M4/22 in mint condition, extremely hard to find. Large political eagle on the front. $600
Z-147 NSDAP leader belt buckle, RZM marked. Superb gold finish. $121
Z-148 RLB belt buckle with brown leather tab, 1935 dated. $205
Z-149 RLB belt buckle first type nickel body pebbled with silver frosted finish. Mint in factory wrapping paper. $250
Z-155 Very scarce justice official belt buckle. Assmann marked DRGM 37. $205
Z-156 Police belt buckle aluminum body with brown leather tab. $100
Z-157 Police aluminum belt buckle 2 piece construction, dark gray finish. $95
Z-158 Police belt buckle aluminum with brown leather tab. Maker marked RS and S. $135
Z-159 Police aluminum belt buckle CTD maker marked. Great condition. $110

Police and Political Belt Buckle(s): (2nd section)

Z-160 Police belt buckle steel, one piece construction. Nice silver finish. Maker marked OLC. $120
Z-161 Police steel belt buckle in mint condition with factory wrapping paper. $186
Z-162 Police aluminum belt buckle mint condition with brown leather tab. 1938 dated with maker marked with factory wrapping paper. $295
Z-163 Mint police aluminum belt buckle in factory wrapping paper. Nice gray finish. $220
Z-164 Railway officer belt buckle, aluminum. Nice finish Assmann marked DRGM 43. $225
Z-165 Red Cross officer belt buckle, GES GESCH with number one maker marked. Multi-piece construction. $235
Z-166 TURNER BUND belt buckle, nickel maker marked. $125
Z-168 Musician officer round silver belt buckle with gold center. Heavy. $67
Z-169 Fire official officer belt buckle round brass with logo of   Rhineland state in the center. Very nice condition. $110
Z-170 Enlisted man fire belt buckle with logo of Bayern state in the center. Steel buckle, super condition. $120
Z-172 Enlisted man fire belt buckle brass body, silver center with axes and fire helmet. $112
Z-173 Disciplinary unit steel belt buckle, silver finish. Mint condition. $65
Z-174 Disciplinary 1st pattern belt buckle with brown leather tab. 1938 dated and maker marked. Extremely rare. $125

NSDAP Belt Buckles

World War I Belt Buckle(s):

Z-2 brass belt buckle Mecklenburg-Schwerin superb condition $110
Z-3 Gott Mit Uns small size belt buckle one piece construction $71
Z-4 Gott Mit Uns small size brass belt buckle with silver center near mint $78
Z-7 Mint Gott Mit Uns combat belt buckle green finish steel construction $61
Z-8 Gott Mit Uns brass combat belt buckle with silver center nice condition $86
Z-9 Rare large size combat belt buckle Gott Mit Uns. Brass body with silver center never cleaned $155
Z-10 Combat belt buckle with steel body and brass center Gott Mit Uns never cleaned $110

Army Belt Buckle(s):

Z-21 Army combat aluminum pebbled finish belt buckle maker marked wld one piece construction. $93
Z-22 Army aluminum with pebbled finish 2 piece construction nice condition. $71
Z-23 Kriegsmarine steel combat belt buckle 98% blue paint finish rare. $110
Z-24 army combat belt buckle aluminum pebbled finish one piece great condition. $94
Z-25 Army officer dress aluminum belt buckle near mint condition. $116
Z-26 army belt buckle steel white silver finish maker marked B and N 43. $105
Z-27 Army combat belt buckle steel silver aluminum finish very nice condition near mint. $110
Z-29 Steel combat belt buckle green paint showing some edge but nice display maker marked. $92

Hitler Youth Belt Buckle(s):

Z-101 Hitler youth nickel belt buckle, marked GES Gesch. $85
Z-112 Hitler youth belt buckle steel nickel plated. RZM marked. $76
Z-113 Hitler youth belt buckle late war tomback. Gray finish RZM M4/22. $91
Z-114 Hitler youth belt buckle mint condition with RZM tag. Maker marked M4/55. Aluminum polished, mint in factory wrapping paper. $250
Z-115 Hitler youth belt buckle Navy. Gold finish RZM M4/24. $200
Z-116 Hitler youth belt buckle late war tomback molded. RZM M4/38. $89
Z-117 Hitler youth belt buckle steel with silver aluminum finish RZM M4/42. Very nice condition. $100
Z-118 Hitler youth belt buckle steel with aluminum silver finish. RZM M4/22. Near mint. $98
Z-119 Hitler youth aluminum belt buckle with unusual belt loop. RZM M4/39. $110
Z-120 Hitler youth belt buckle steel with silver aluminum finish, RZM M5/276. Late war. $91
Z-122 Leader Hitler youth belt buckle with superb gold finish. Well marked and great condition. Very rare. $325
Z-123 Hitler youth belt buckle solid nickel. RZM marked and Assmann marked also. $96​